What Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym help with?

ﬦ  Whole Brain Learning / Whole Brain Integration

ﬦ  Release stress(es) and remove blocks

ﬦ Learning difficulties

ﬦ  Reaching/achieving goals

ﬦ Improving any skill or any performance

ﬦ  Relationships issues

ﬦ Socially poorly adjusted

ﬦ Continuous fear/anxiety

ﬦ Behaviour problems (Aggressive Behaviours, Temper Tantrums, Negativity, Controlling and Oppositional Behaviour especially at home, Lack of discipline, Depressed and labile emotions, Craves attention… Do you require certain behavioural changes?)

ﬦ Overreacting

ﬦ Compulsivity (repeats behaviour even after being disciplined)

ﬦ Sensory and/or Motor Integration

ﬦ Hypersensitivity

ﬦ Insecurity (Low self-esteem, lack of trust in self, overclingy…) it helps you to gain confidence.

ﬦ All Learning Disorders

ﬦ Phobias

ﬦ Mood swings, Irritability

ﬦ Sleeping Disorders

ﬦ Eating Disorders (weight gain/weight loss, anorexia, bulimia, digestive problems, very fussy eater)

ﬦ Health improvement

ﬦ Life improvement

How are Brain Gym and Edu-K related? Brain Gym is a part of Edu-K and Edu-K is a modality within Kinesiology. Every modality is unique.

Edu-K demonstrates that it can activate whole brain functioning which is necessary for growth and change, we use this process to help with learning difficulties, for overcoming traumas, addictions or work related issues and also other situations or disorders as mentioned in the list above. But the list is endless and limitless.


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