Healthy Practices

I offer private consultations for all the following health modalities:

  • Brain Gym
  • Educational Kinesiology
  • Reflexes and Senses integration for optimal learning & well-being
  • Hypno-Stimulation using Chromotherapy Glasses
  • Tibetan Energy Healing
  • The Tibetan Yoga Rites: Vitality Exercises
  • Tapping
  • Vision Balance 
  • Meridian Head Massage
  • Stress/Emotional Relief 
  • Visualizations, traumas release
  • Guided Meditations and more


Increase your health and well-being


2 responses to “Healthy Practices

  1. Hi Aurelie. Thank you so much for an amazing session that seemed to yield some unexpected but very happy results! It seems we have brain gym and Kinesiology, in part, to thank for the fact that we are expecting a baby! You do very good work. Keep it up!


  2. Since my daughter has done brain gym sessions with Aurelie her ability to recall information has been very much improved. This reflects positively in her schoolwork and personal life. Thank you Aurelie for your passion and dedication to your client’s well-being!


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