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  • Aurelie Lemiere is a Qualified and Certified Wellness Coach expert in Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology and other Natural Health Modalities.
  • Aurelie facilitates whole brain integration and whole brain learning through mind-body integrative sessions. She also assists you with relaxations/visualisations/ guided meditations/tibetan energy healing / meridian head massages and more. integrated brain
  • Aurelie assists you in improving all learning skills to reach full potential and optimal performances including: Self-esteem, confidence, concentration/focus, comprehension, memory, languages, spelling, reading/speed reading/reading comprehension. creativity, writing, mathematics, languages, singing and more.
  • She also makes sure you are fully guided and supported in setting out and achieving any goal you have in any area of life: Relationships, Career/work, Education, Finances, Health-Fitness/Well-being, Balance energy levels and more.
  • Aurelie is a dedicated and committed Peace & Joy Activist who take part in the organization of uplifting community events such as Cape Town International Day of Peace (21st of September), Global Oneness Day(24th of October), One Billion Rising (14th of February), Women’s Day, Family Days, drumming circles and much more.IMG_8241IMG_6666



‘I’ve met the beautiful, joy-filled Aurelie. For as long as I have known her, she has been involved in one community project after another as a volunteer. She is a true inspiration and has a heart that wants to make a noticeable difference in the world, to relieve suffering and to unite us all in love and peace.’

February 2016, Illumineer Yollie / Yolanda Brand


“Aurelie is very passionate about Brain Gym®. She is keen to spread Brain Gym in South Africa and the rest of the world. She is energetic and inspiring. ”

August 10th, 2015. Hanna Kok. Brain Gym®/ Educational Kinesiology Trainer.


“Aurelie’s dedication and commitment to Brain Gym is to be commended. She is passionate about helping children and adults to learn how to use their minds effectively! Try it – you will get good results!”

September 30, 2014. Danny Stevens, NLP Life Coach at Thought Adventures Life Coaching (Client)


“Aurelie is as her name says “bright as a ray of sunshine”. She fills a room with a positive presence and is an expert in her field. I would recommend her services to anyone!”

August 25, 2014. Naomi Butow, Founder of Mommy’s Mall (Client)


“I have been lucky enough to attend several of Aurelie’s brain gym sessions and they have helped me. She is good at what she does and she gets her point across. The main thing is for the participant to be fully involved and committed to the process to get maximum results.”

August 19, 2014. David Lipschitz, Software Developer & Energy Educator at My Power Station (Client) 

Warren Bezuidenhout

“Aurelie is a committed, positive and professional individual who offers her passion and expertise with such warmth that it leaves one feeling light and confident. this in turn translates into tangible, powerful results. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Aurelie for all that you do and have done. In this day and age one is hard pressed to find unique individuals like yourself.”

May 5, 2014. Warren Bezuidenhout, Business consultant (Client)


After a Tibetan Energy Healing session with Aurelie Lemiere, I could not believe how I felt.
This is what I immediately wrote:
“There is a calm breeze around me. My breathing is calm and regular; my feet are no more tired. I hear better. The pain in my throat is gone. I feel balanced, not shaking and falling. I am now standing while writing and I feel I can remain standing. No stress in my back anymore. I drank a whole glass of water”

March 7th 2014, Sylvester Gasana.


“During the holidays of December 2013, I injured my back and for two weeks I could hardly manage to walk, sit up straight and even lying down was painful. After many sessions with my physio and even consulting my GP to manage the excruciating pain, I decided to explore other methods of healing my back ache. During my session with Aurèlie Lemière, I was able to connect and heal the underlying causes of my backache. Whats great about her session is that not only do you get to treat the immediate problem, but you are given the skills and tools to retrain your brain to inject your body with positive energy and maintain a healthy body by managing your thought patterns. Aurèlie’s sessions are practical take home exercises, easy to remember and apply. I was so happy with the session I booked a session for my 15yr old daughter. I share her feedback with my next posting.
Merci beaucoup Aurelie for your healing that you bring to the world”

“My 15 year old daughter experienced her session with Aurélie as very practical in dealing with her negative thought patterns about who she is for herself. Aurélie taught her a very practical exercise called PACE to use in the mornings to not only get the brain to function optimally but also to internalise whatever goal she set herself for the day or the week”.

March 2014. Moegsien Hendricks.


“Aurélie is professional, supportive and truly living what she teaches to others!

Her Brain-Gym demos/talks have inspired me and made a lot of sense.

As all traumas and fears have an effect on the muscles in our body (this includes your head, by the way), Brain-Gym is helping me to balance and release these layers of dis-ease.  It makes me feel lighter and raises my level of energy for the day.

The severity of my life-long depression has lifted and my energy levels are higher than ever before. Even the medication for my mood-disorder has been lowered step-by-step to only one-third of its strength.

In sharing my experience, may this encourage you to also move to the rhythm of Brain Gym living – with results.”

 March 2014. Giverny from Claremont, Cape Town


“Dear Aurélie,

You have been so fantastic to me and I am singing your great work to everyone! After I left our session, I started doing PACE, the Brain Gym exercises and my anchor movement that you have taught me to help with the accomplishment of my big goal and have kept up the exercises regularly- and today at 2pm the University of Cape Town called me to say that they had accepted my return based upon my appeal letter and I AM BACK IN!!!!! I am so excited and feel that your guidance made this possible. Thanks so much.”

January 2014. Kathleen from Rockchic, Hout Bay.


“Aurélie has superb skills which she uses intuitively and with great sensitivity.She can access emotional blockages and gently pry them out for healing.”

November 15th 2013. Vivienne


“Aurelie has immense knowledge and expertise with regards to Brain Gym. Our Son has benefited a lot since starting his therapy with her. We can recommend both her as well as Brain Gym therapy as a whole.”

November 6, 2012.  Christopher Jade Wasserfall (client) 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value


“I hereby endorse Aurelie as an Educational Kinesiologist. She is excellent and enthusiastic in her work with children and adults, in groups or individual work. She is extremely well trained and has insight into many fields, especially education, learning, stress management, ADD/ADHD, as well as emotional and behavioural issues. I do not hesitate for one moment to recommend her services.”

November 6, 2012. Nicola Frahm, Brain Gym Consultant and Instructor, Self employed (colleague)


“Aurelie and I did some of our Third Level Brain Gym courses together as well as a few workshops. I got to respect her as a clever person with a bright mind, a quest to know the utmost about the subject of her study and who is really serious about her work. she is always friendly and joyful and I believe she would be an exceptional therapist!”

November 12, 2012. Sanet van der Merwe, Brain Gym Facilitator, Institute of Health (Colleague)


Teaching References/ Recommendations

Aurélie Lemière  has been in my part-time employ as a French tutor to my two children (ages four and seven) since January 2012.  I believe that she is very qualified as I have seen my children’s understanding of the French language grow quickly.  Their general fluency and vocabulary has greatly improved with Aurélie’s help.  I have had the utmost confidence in her judgment and maturity and I always felt comfortable leaving my children in her care.  Aurélie is dependable, has a very positive attitude and a wonderful rapport with people of all ages.
I can recommend Aurélie to you without reservation. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Hout Bay, 31st of March 2015. Julie Borel-Saladin


Aurelie Lemiere has provided our whole family with french lessons for approximately 3.5 years. She has been professional, cheerful and a good teacher able to meet the needs of each person in the family. Our children ages 4 and 5 have needed greater emphasis on conversational french and french through play. She has kept them loving french and speaking french while having so so much fun. My husband and I too have needed conversation and grammar to be pitched at different levels.   Aurelie has kept us motivated and improving over the years and I would recommend her highly to any student serious about learning french.

December 2nd 2014.  Christina 


Aurélie has been the French teacher for my daughter from 2011 until the end of 2012. She is a very good teacher and I was very happy with the progress of my daughter. She did also some brain gym with her at the beginning of each lesson and it was really efficient!Aurélie is always happy to teach and she communicates her positive attitude to the children. Please feel free to contact me.

Hout Bay, 14th of February 2013. Géraldine de Beauregard


“I have known Aurelie Lemiere as a friend and as an educator in St. Martin since 2005.  As a Montessori teacher I have always enjoyed observing in various classrooms.  Aurelie invited me as well as other educators to observe her classroom.  During my observations it was apparent that Aurelie has a great connection with each of her students through engaging dialogue and assistance.  Aurelie models kind and respectful behavior in the classroom and maintains professional and supportive relationships with the families of her students.”

August 17th 2010. Joanna B.


I am writing on behalf of Ms. Aurélie Lemière. Ms. Lemière gave me private French lessons in her home from October 2009 to April 2010. She was always well prepared with lesson plans and tests that were geared to my intermediate level of French. She utilized various types of learning tools from CD-Roms to reading textbooks, internet activities, reciting dialogue, to tests of grammar and conversation. I would highly recommend Ms. Lemière as a teacher of French or English since her grasp of English is very proficient. Ms. Lemière would be as excellent with children as she is with adults. She has a natural gift with children that I know would be a benefit to any organization or institution. If you require any further information please feel free to e-mail me  at shannon.cohane@gmail.com.

7th of June 2010. Shannon Cohane. Family Physician


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