The Art of Succeeding at School and in Life Workshop for Teens

About the Facilitator:

Aurélie Lemière, Founder of Voice The Change Global Peace Movement, is a unique woman with an amazing heart.  Her selfless work to uplift communities in South Africa & the World through her unique blend of Joy and Commitment, stands out as an exemplary visionary leadership.                                                                            Aurélie is an International Joy Catalyst & Coach, a  Brain Gym® Trainer, an Educational Kinesiologist, an International Heartist Performer & Motivational Speaker. She is also a Singer, Musician and Songwriter. Her passion is to inspire, uplift & empower people especially communities through her sessions / workshops / seminars & retreats. She has made a big difference in thousands of lives already through all her events and aims to impact many more.

After attending one of Aurélie’s session, workshop, retreat or event, your life will never be the same again in a very good way as her positive energy is very contagious.

See on the attached flyer the details of this workshop designed especially for teens to succeed at school and in life .

The Art of Succeeding at School & in Life Workshop. May 2018


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