Happy “ME” Class

Come and enjoy this 1h30 session every friday morning to learn how to have a happy, stress-free and harmonious day for the rest of your life.
This Class offers a mix of meditation/ relaxation, Tibetan Yoga, Brain Gym®/Edu-K (Mind/Body Neuro-Integration Movements). It is a real treat to ourselves.
Get your morning boost with the most powerful techniques to start your day fresh, positive, focused, energized & calm
This class is specially made for you if you never had the opportunity to experience the wonderful sessions that Aurélie facilitates in various communities whether it’s in a school, a children’s home, an old age home or a township community. Aurélie’s positive energy is contagious.
Please come at 8:20am (10 minutes earlier) to start promptly at 8:30am
Cash Donations based from R100 and Up 🙂
Money is energy.
What to bring?
Warm comfortable clothes, a bottle of water, a yoga mat, a blanket and a smile 🙂
“Aurélie is as her name says “bright as a ray of sunshine”. She fills a room with a positive presence and is an expert in her field. I would recommend her services to anyone!”   Naomi Butow – Founder & Director at Mommy Mall South Africa
“I hereby endorse Aurelie as an Educational Kinesiologist. She is excellent and enthusiastic in her work with children and adults, in groups or individual work. She is extremely well trained and has insight into many fields, especially education, learning, stress management, ADD/ADHD, as well as emotional and behavioural issues. I do not hesitate for one moment to recommend her services.”                                                             Nicola Frahm – Brain Gym Consultant and Instructor.

One response to “Happy “ME” Class

  1. What people say about this class:
    “Happy Friday Class always leaves me energised, positive and full of good affirmations. I sometimes don’t feel like going, but if I force myself out, it is always the best session ever. Aurélie Lemière helps you to focus on problem areas that need work and on integrating positivity into any situation. You leave grinning like a Cheshire cat and can’t stop just because you feel so happy. Everybody needs happiness and positive affirmations in their lives. I will highly recommend this class. Much love and light xx ”
    October 2016, Heidi Loubster


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