Life-changing events and September Newsletter

Essential Tools Teens WorkshopWhat does the programme offer?

* Learning tools: become a master learner. Enhance the following skills: concentration/ attention span/ reading/ writing/ spelling memory/ communication/ organisation/ whole body coordination -eye-hand-feet coordination / comprehension/ listening and more.

* Neuro-Integration through goal-setting, fun movements, games & activities.

* Stress-release techniques.

Benefits of this Programme:
* Learn how to learn easier and faster;
* Reach your peak performances;                          * Achieve goals
* Enhance all daily life activities;
* Boost your self-esteem/ confidence;
* Succeed at your tests/exams;
* Release all stresses/tensions;                              * Increased motivation and well-being.

Age Groups can vary/change:
Teens: 11-12 years old-15 years old and 15-16 years old-18 years old.

What to bring? Notepad/Crayons, a bottle of water, yoga mat/ towel, wear comfortable gym or yoga clothes and your smile.

Cost: R450 (4 sessions: 3 sessions of 45min up to 1h and 1 session of 1h30)

To Register and  receive all the details with exact dates of the Workshop Programme,


Invite your friends to this fun programme.

Thrive in the Classroom! Become a happy learner!

Classes with Aurelie Lemiere
Expert in Brain Gym® & EduK
Educational Kinesiologist

“Movement is the door to learning. To live is to move.
Life is ever changing, ever shifting and ever demanding. Brain Gym® teaches us how to move with our challenges, our dreams, and our goals.
At the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, we believe that there are no learning disabilities, only learning blocks. We are all learning-blocked to the extent that we have mastered the art of not moving.”
Dr Paul Dennison,
Founder of Brain Gym®/Edu-K.

Teens In Sync Holiday Programme


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