Optimal Learning Classes

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Learn anything faster and easier, perform at your best, succeed your tests/exams, enhance all daily life activities, boost your self-esteem & confidence and release all stresses/tensions.
————————————–> Increase well-being and Health
Learn simple, quick, fun and empowering activities in order to achieve goals.
Learn techniques to meditate and relax to assist you when dealing with stress.
Reconnect with your strengths in every aspect of your life.
Brain Gym/EduK Classes for the French School Students, located in Sea Point, for this last school term start on Wednesday 6th of May 2015 at 3:10pm (6 to 7-8 years old) and at 4:15pm (8-9 to 11 years old). Age groups can vary and be flexible.                                              
Cost: R600 per term

IMG_8676– CHILDREN’S EduK WORKSHOPS: Wednesday 8th of April

6-8 years old from 9:30am-11:00am 

9-11 years old from 11:00am-12:30pm

– PARENTS Workshop Saturday 11th of April: 10am-12pm brain-gym-exercise pict

What to bring? Your smile :), a bottle of water & (Yoga) Mat/towel. Wear comfortable clothes.

* 8-Week Programs available for Children, Teens and Adults

1/ Reach Optimal Learning through Neuro-Integration Movements and games.

2/ Increase Health and Well-Being for Teens and Adults: Meditation and In-depth Integrative Movements

* Expression Sessions with Music and Movement

Special Holiday Workshops for optimal learning  and https://www.facebook.com/events/983875481622636/

Booking is essential. Limited spaces. Click CONTACT for bookings and queries.

You can create your exclusive group sessions with friends, kids, family or co-workers to activate and integrate your mind/ body system with the fun, easy, relaxing and empowering activities & to achieve goals you never thought of accomplishing.

Unleash the power within you and let the fun begins!

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—“Movement is the door of learning. To live is to move. Life is ever changing, ever shifting and ever demanding. Brain Gym® teaches us how to move with our challenges, our dreams, and our goals. At the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, we believe that there are no learning disabilities, only learning blocks. We are all learning-blocked to the extent that we have mastered the art of not moving.” Dr Paul Dennison, Founder of Brain Gym®/Edu-K.

—There is a direct link between the increase in learning difficulties and behavioral problems and the decrease in physical movement.

No Labelling Please

“It is important that there should be no judgements about people because of their learning preferences. Everyone has the capacity to learn but we tend to learn in our own unique ways. The last thing we need in education is more misleading and limiting labels. Knowing the elegant flexibility and adaptability of human beings, the Brain Organisations give a starting point for understanding.  I think of these Brain Organisations simply as models that help us to honor each learner, so we can create an optimal learning environment that supports each learner’s ability to access and work from their integrated whole brain state.”

Adapted from: ‘The Dominance Factor. How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Hand & Foot Can Improve Your Learning’ Carla Hannaford, PhD.

Can you take some precious time out of your busy schedule for yourself to relax, to balance your mind & body and to feel like the person on this last step?

which step have you reached today


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