Meridian Head Massage

head massage

The benefits of receiving a Meridian Head Massage include:

  • Total Relaxation to mind and body, allowing clients to have a better night sleep
  • Increasing the blood circulation to head and shoulders (this could increase the condition of the skin and hair)
  • Enhancing blood flow to muscles and organs
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Combating mental fatigue and lack of concentration by increasing the blood circulation to the brain
  • Relieving tension in the recipients eyes, head, back and shoulders
  • lastly can lead to the release of endorphins which leads to individuals feeling more happy and contented as well leading to better mental Health and well-being.


  • Lie back, fully clothed on the massage table, and experience 45 minutes of blissful relaxation and healing. The effects of relaxation head massage are cumulative – regular sessions promote a greater sense of peace and calm.

  • 45 minutes for R300

  • After sessions people notice that they are less reactive to situations which might have upset them in the past. Some people also experience a reduction in headache symptoms or a complete absence of headache. 

integrated brain


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