Tibetan Energy Healing

* Tibetan Energy Healing improves Health and Vitality 


Healing for disturbances in the body for:

1 –Relief of pain 

Rate your pain level, then, decide when to do something about it. You can prevent the pain or heal it. Choose.

2 –Increased movement of affected joints

3- Reduction in swelling

4- Skin blemishes and scars may fade

5- Improvements in function


These disturbances in the body cause:

1-the person to feel: “Off”, fatigued, spaced out, “off center”


2-Physical signs: Clumsiness, learning disorders, impaired vision, impaired hearing, vague pains, joint swelling.



These disturbances may come in the form of 

1-Chemical stress -from food or the environment

                                             Health effects of Pollution

2- Structural stress -from the way we use our body


3- Psychological stress – from the way we think and feel.

Muscle testing will show imbalances in the body’s energy system.  

We correct these energy imbalances in the system with the figure 8 and muscle-testing.

During this deep healing process, we go to the root cause of these energy imbalances and we release the negative emotions which caused the disturbances and the physical signs in the body’s system: the injury, the pain or the illness…


2 responses to “Tibetan Energy Healing

  1. After a Tibetan Energy Healing session with Aurelie Lemiere, I could not believe how I felt.
    This is what I immediately wrote:
    “There is a calm breeze around me. My breathing is calm and regular; my feet are no more tired. I hear better. The pain in my throat is gone. I feel balanced, not shaking and falling. I am now standing while writing and I feel I can remain standing. No stress in my back anymore. I drank a whole glass of water”

    Sylvester Gasana, March 7th 2014.


  2. “During the holidays of December 2013, I injured my back and for two weeks I could hardly manage to walk, sit up straight and even lying down was painful. After many sessions with my physio and even consulting my GP to manage the excruciating pain, I decided to explore other methods of healing my back ache. During my session with Aurèlie Lemière, I was able to connect and heal the underlying causes of my backache. Whats great about her session is that not only do you get to treat the immediate problem, but you are given the skills and tools to retrain your brain to inject your body with positive energy and maintain a healthy body by managing your thought patterns. Aurèlie’s sessions are practical take home exercises, easy to remember and apply. I was so happy with the session I booked a session for my 15yr old daughter. I share her feedback with my next posting.
    Merci beaucoup Aurelie for your healing that you bring to the world”

    Moegsien Hendricks, March 2014


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