Greetings & Blessings this Holiday Season; Gratitude & Peace One Day videos &lt

I am happy with my wonderful participants

Wow!! What a year 2014 has been!!

Don’t you think it was one of the most inspiring, empowering, shifting & transforming year??

I have noticed and realized through organizing and being part of peace events and gatherings this year (One Billion Rising, Cape Town International Day of Peace, Global Oneness Day, Music of the Soul event and more) that bringing awareness & taking actions towards the awakening of a conscious mind/spirit for the purpose of inner-peace and self-love; and by bringing our communities together through oneness gatherings , meditations, global rhythm circles, music, conscious movie watching, we will definitely have a better world and a better place to live.

Let us never give up on Peace, Unity and on Love.

Let’s continue to make it happen together in 2015. But remember that it first starts within us, within you then we can spread it. Which is why the Optimal Learning Workshops and Sessions are very important to reach well-being by integrating the mind-body system. I use the life tools I teach on a daily basis to start my day positively and to get ready for any opportunity, any situation or to get ready to learn new information.
These Optimal learning activities and the Brain Gym movements I share in individual or group sessions/workshops assist anyone with improving concentration/focus, memory, self-confidence, self-esteem and dealing with stress in order to reach greater well-being, inner-peace and self-love.
These activities also activate your whole brain & body and yourvisual/auditory/kinesthetic systems for enhanced learning and optimal performances,

Have an amazing joyful , loving and peaceful end of the year Holiday Season 2014!
See you next year for the most inspirational, empowering and most wonderful moments of our lives.

Please note: There won’t be any individual and group sessions and workshops from 10th of December till 4th of January 2015 included.

Please inbox me if you wish to know about the upcoming workshops and events for next year. And if you wish to be involved to make Cape Town the World Peace Capital 2015.

Thanks again to everyone who join the 2014 peace events and  to those who were there in spirit. Thanks to my wonderful clients who supported and trusted me in assisting them. I’m deeply grateful.

Get inspired to express kindness, compassion, love and gratitude around you and around the world.
I am so grateful for this beautiful inspiring song and video. Please lovingly share. Namaste

Peace One Day – Video

Greetings & Blessings of peace, love and light ❤

Traduction en Français

Quelle année sensationnelle 2014 a été !!

Ne trouvez-vous pas que c’était l’une des années les plus inspirante, puissante et transformante??
Je constate et je réalise par mon implication et par l’organisation d’événements pour la paix cette année dont One Billion Rising, Journée internationale pour la Paix, Journée de l’unité/Global Oneness, Musique pour l’âme et plus.., qu’amener à la sensibilisation et prendre des mesures vers l’éveil d’un esprit conscient dans le but d’atteindre la paix intérieure et l’amour-propre; ainsi qu’en réunissant ou rassemblant nos communautés à travers diverses actions d’unité telles que des méditations, des cercles de rythme à échelle mondiale, jouer de la musique, regarder des films conscients et spirituels, nous arriverons certainement à vivre dans un monde meilleur:

N’arrêtons pas les actions pour la Paix, l’Unité et l’Amour. Continuons ensemble à mener des actions pour la paix en 2015.

Mais n’oubliez pas que cela commence d’abord en nous pour pouvoir ensuite répandre cette paix et cet amour.
Passez des bonnes fêtes de fin d’année 2014 dans la joie, l’amour et la paix.
Je vous donne rendez-vous l’année prochaine pour encore plus d’inspiration et de merveilleux moments à partager.

Prenez note s’il vous plaît: Il n’y aura pas de séances et ateliers individuels et collectifs du 10 Décembre au 4 Janvier of 2015 inclus.

Si vous voulez savoir les prochaines dates d’ateliers à venir en 2015, veuillez m’envoyer un message privé ou un e-mail à

Merci encore à tous ceux qui se sont unis à nous cette année lors des événements pour la paix et à tous ceux qui n ‘ont pas pu venir mais étaient là spirituellement.

Merci à tous mes merveilleux clients qui m’ont soutenu et qui m’ont fait confiance pour que je les assiste. Je suis éternellement reconnaissante.

Laissez-vous inspirer pour exprimer la bonté, la compassion, l’amour et la gratitude autour de vous et dans le monde.
Je suis tellement reconnaissante pour cette belle chanson vidéo inspirante. N’hésitez pas à partager.

Sincères Salutations en vous souhaitant paix, amour et lumière.

Aurélie Lemière

Peace One Day – Video

Please find hereby a recent testimonial I received from an Occupational Therapist expressing the amazing benefits of Brain Gym/EduK in learning and behavior :

“I have been impressed with the positive emotional shift which I have observed in one of the children whom I see for Occupational Therapy (OT) during the last 4 to 6 months.  I think this can partly be attributed to the Braingym Therapy that he is having with Aurélie Lemière, as the shift was particularly noticeable in October 2014 after he had seen her for a few months. I also think that his teacher is a very stabilising influence and the consistent expectations and boundaries have made him feel safe, plus his improved confidence through the skills learned and progress made with Braingym and OT have all contributed to him having a brighter countenance and more positive outlook on life.  He is much more open, confident and willing to try new tasks now, and by his own admission is “becoming much braver”.”

Jane Durham

Occupational Therapist

Sensory Integration (SI) and Neurodevelopmental Therapy(NDT) trained

Have a fantastic time to celebrate the end of 2014!

Have a fantastic time celebrating the end of 2014!

IMG_8676IMG_8668Snoopy Christmas Hugs

choose joy u deserve all the joyThe Joy of the holidays Merry Christmas


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