Brain Gym Group sessions for Adults

Please note:

Our group sessions for adults are every wednesday at Amani House

from 5:30pm till 6:30pm.

Looking forward to see you there!

Join this event for more details:

Please feel free to like Amani House’ Facebook page for more info about the venue:


Thank you to everyone who came to our past sessions, during which we have successfully integrated the following goals:
I nourish myself with positive thoughts only;
I love and approve of myself;
I am strong and confident more and more each day;
I have excellent time management skills;
I am always on time wherever I need to be.


Don’t stress about time anymore, let’s release the stress around this lack of time.
Life is busy, stressful and finding ways to juggle our precious time between work, partner, kids and yourself may leave you feeling overwhelmed, guilty or resentful.
The truth is: it’s just going to get faster and faster, so there is no time to waste to start taking care of yourself now and be gentle with yourself.
It is time NOW to take charge of your life, expand and express your true self and what you truly want in your life.

NOW is the time to move with an intention in the direction to be and achieve all that we truly want. Be ready to accomplish your big dreams and goals.

In these sessions, you will learn tools and Brain Gym exercises to be more focused in general (on what to do and what to want), to be more positive, motivated, confident, and how to deal with stress when running around like a crazy person. :). We will integrate a goal or an intention.

See details and join this facebook event:

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May your day be filled with PEACE


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